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Practical & Heirloom



Reliable & Stunning



New & Vintage

Competition Guns

Competition Guns

Collectible & Custom

Custom Cerakote finish on any firearm

Starting at $200.00

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Repair & Tune Up

We offer repairs and tune ups for any type of firearm, old or new. In addition, we offer firearm modifications and enhancements so that your gun fits you personally!

Repairs available on any firearm:

  • Clean & Inspect (Done with every job you bring in to us)
  • Parts repair or replacement
  • Metal Finishing and Polishing
  • Sight Installation & Repair
  • Scope Installation
  • Wood Stock Repair
  • Stock or grip (any type) Installation
  • Barrel & action tune up
  • Barrel threading
  • Muzzle breaks
  • Competition gun tune up


Our expert craftsman and gunsmith can turn your gun into a true heirloom. These firearms should and will be around for generations when restored by The Mountain Gunsmith.

Restoration services available on any firearm:

  • Clean & Inspect (Done with every job you bring in to us)
  • Metal bluing
  • Cerakote finishing
  • Color case hardening
  • Checkering (wood or metal)
  • Handmade wood stocks & grips
  • Wood relief carving
  • Metal engraving
  • Gold leaf inlay
  • Barrel sealing
  • Fully custom gun creation

* Guaranteed satisfaction on all services upon reciept when evaluated and test fired at our shop.
Once the firearm leaves our shop we cannot guarantee work because we cannot determine the maintenance or work done to the firearm since it was in the care of The Mountain Gunsmith. If you have problems with your firearm after leaving our shop, please give us a call and we will try to assess the problem and work with you to determine a solution.

Navy Arms 1860 Thumbnail

Navy Arms 1860


Springfield 1873 Thumbnail

Springfield 1873


Colt Burgess Thumbnail

Colt Burgess


Uberti 1860 Thumbnail

Uberti 1860


Marlin Safety Thumbnail

Marlin Safety


Uberti 1826 Thumbnail

Uberti 1826


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Winchester 1887 Thumbnail

Winchester 1887


Stevens Springfield Thumbnail

Stevens Springfield


Ruger SR 1911 Thumbnail

Ruger SR 1911


Essex 1911 Thumbnail

Essex 1911


American Western S Thumbnail

American Western S


American Western S Thumbnail

American Western S


Ruger LCR Thumbnail

Ruger LCR


Uberti 1861 Thumbnail

Uberti 1861


Uberti SAA Thumbnail

Uberti SAA


Smith and Wesson 38 Thumbnail

Smith & Wesson 38


Navy Arms 1858 Thumbnail

Navy Arms 1858


Palmetto 1861 Thumbnail

Palmetto 1861


Palmetto 1861 Thumbnail

Navy Arms 1860


Navy Arms SA Thumbnail

Navy Arms SA


Taylor's and Company/Winchester Thumbnail

Taylor's & Co./Winchester


American Western Longhorn Thumbnail

American Western Longhorn


Custom .45 Pistol Thumbnail

Custom Made .45 Pistol

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NRA Certified Basic Firearm Training Course

Classes offered on rifle, pistol, shotgun, and home firearm safety.
Teaches the skills necessary to own and operate a firearm safely and the laws and training needed to obtain a CCW Permit in Colorado.
Class is 5 hours classroom time and at least 5 hours range time.
Cost per student $160.00 due at time of training.

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Basic Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

Bring your own gun for a one on one class with The Mountain Gunsmith. We will teach you how to perform basic maintenance on your own firearm to prevent rusting and failures that occur due to an unclean firearm.
Classes begin at 9am unless otherwise requested.
Cost per student $120.00 due at time of training.

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Do you offer any discounts?

The Mountain Gunsmith is proud to offer a 10% discount for military and law enforcement. Bring in your valid military ID card, DD 214 form, or law enforcement identification to redeem.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

The Mountain Gunsmith does not offer refund or exchanges. We ensure that every firearm sold and all firearms that have been serviced are in working order when they leave our shop.

Do you offer a warranty?

The Mountain Gunsmith offers a warranty on all services that applies only when you pick up your firearm - you must inspect and test fire your weapon at our shop and issue any complaints before leaving our shop.
We do not warranty firearms after they have left our shop due to our inability to verify the source of the damage or malfunction to the gun.
If your gun has any problems after you have left our shop, please give us a call and we will do our best to help determine the cause of your problem.
This warranty applies only to services, guns bought at our estabilshment are purchased as-is with no warranty.

Do I have to pass a background check to buy a firearm?

Yes, you must pass a background check in order to purchase a firearm per federal regulation. Colorado charges a fee of $50 to run a background check that will be charged to your purchase.

Can I buy firearms if I have a criminal record?

If you have been convicted of a felony offense it is Federal law that you cannot own/be in possession of a firearm.

How do I prepare my firearm for shipping?

Handguns are not able to be shipped through the U.S. Postal Service. Complete handguns, barrels, barreled actions, and complete Long Guns can be sent through UPS or FedEx's Next Day Air Service for $60.00.
When shipping firearms, please remove all scopes, slings, and accessories. Ammunition must be packaged separately. Package carefully, securing each piece in bubble wrap. Please include a letter indicating the service you require, a form of ID, daytime phone number and method of payment.

Are there age requirements for owning/handling a firearm?

Yes, there are minimum age requirements for owning and operating a firearm without supervision. Please refer to the NRA ILA documentation for further information.

I am out of state, can I purchase a firearm from The Mountain Gunsmith?

Typically you must be resident of the state in which the firearms dealer is located in order to purchase a firearm. However, you may purchase a firearm from The Mountain Gunsmith if you are from the following states: New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, California, Nevada, Idaho, Oklahoma, or Texas as they are contiguous states with Colorado. If you want the firearm transferred to a licensed FFL in your state, your FFL's certificate must be faxed to us prior to shipping.

Hi Paul,
Just to let you know, the 586 shoots well. I put about 100 rounds using all of my usual loads and primers as well as a few commercial rounds and had no light strikes. Thanks again,

Blackhawk, CO

Hey Paul,
Just wanted to say thanks for your work on my m14. Took it out to the range on Sat. Runs like a proverbial top- no failures to feed, no jams with a whole bunch of different ammo. Really appreciate it.

Boulder, CO

Hey Paul,
Thought I'd let you know that I've put just over 700 rounds through the XD-40 since you did the work on it and not a single failure to battery or other feed issue. All magazines have been used and all types of ammo (including the original problem Remington ammo) as well as my hand loads and not one problem. Thanks for the great work!!

Evergreen, CO

Now that I've had a chance to do a little more pistol shooting, I wanted to express my thanks for the extra time you took with us - and interest you showed in us - regarding the Basic Pistol Class. Taking us shooting at the Clear Creek range - dry-firing at your shop - all went beyond what was required for the class - and was greatly appreciated. As I've had the chance to shoot more, some of the things you taught us are making real sense to me. The little Taurus has functioned flawlessly ever since you fixed it for me.

Jefferson County, CO

After our IPSC match today I took the time to shoot 3 10 shot groups over my Chrony. I used a rest and shot at 50'. One group is about 2" and the other 2 had a few fliers. I believe that with more concentration and effort I could do even better. It certainly shoots better than I can hold it. My average velocity is 850 fps with 230 gr. bullets and the power factor is 195. I am going to lower the charge some to reduce the recoil improve my control more. This piece is so much better than the government model that I was using. I really appreciate the checkering on the front and rear of the grip. It helps me to keep a good grip when shooting. My score has improved remarkably with this piece. Of course there was a lot of room for improvement too...and still is. See you soon.

Evergreen, CO

Got to put 350 rounds through the Thompson .45 this past weekend without incident. Fired Remington, Winchester white box, tula ammo, sellier and bellot and mag tech. The only ones with punctured primers were the tula. STAY AWAY FROM THOSE!, as they were also rather inaccurate. All other primers were still rounded outside of primer mark and intact. The firearm is so much better now and was finally a pleasure to fire. Thanks again for everything. Your service was immediate, spectacular and top notch. We'll be talking soon about concealed carry, lessons, a new barrel and range time.
Thanks again for everything. It is much appreciated.

Rollinsville, CO

Paul did a super job on my 1911 that was very rough. This was bought from a 3rd party, Paul explained the issue, took his time and turned a beat up pistol into a work of art. I highly recommend and will use his services going forward."

Jim in Dallas, Texas

Hi Paul,
Just a note to thank you for the great job you did on rebarreling my S&W 1917, .45 ACP revolver. Your work was superb and the 97 year old warhorse shoots perfectly. My friends in my gun club are uniformly impressed.
If I encounter anyone who needs a competent gunsmith I'll be happy to pass on your name.

Dan Wolski in Fremont, NE

I like Paul / The Mountain Gunsmith, for service the most. If you want a gunsmith, repair services, to buy a firearm, take firearms training or many other services related, Paul is your best bet for customer service. I was looking for a muzzle brake and other services for some new guns I purchased for hunting and tried several gunsmiths, whom did not even bother to return calls. Paul is different; He will return your call, is ready for your business, and ready to help, also making valuable suggestions that you may not have noted about your guns. It has been several years before handling firearms for me, and Paul also gave me invaluable safety advice, as my background was mostly in archery hunting, with my to transition to rifle hunting, as well recreational shooting. Take time to listen to the Sage of Firearms, Paul Arocha, The Mountain Gunsmith. It's simple for me, Paul's there for my firearm needs. I have told several friends as well, "Paul's the Man. "

Highlands Ranch, CO

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